20 March 2015

Tiny Tidbits

  • I've been looking for a job and one site I go to is Kijiji. What I'm noticing is a lot of people posting ads for themselves - like '21 year old hard worker looking for a job' or '37 year old oil worker laid off looking for work'. The ones that get me are the people saying they will do any labour jobs...and their ad is right below a company looking for labourers. Or people saying they want cash paid jobs and the listing is on the same page as someone looking for moving help, one day only, cash paid. Do these posters even look at each other's listings? And does posting an ad saying you are looking for work actually get results? What a passive way of finding a job.
  • Thinking of work - I can now understand why people move to another city to find a job. I really loved the job I just had and I was really good at it...but there are no other jobs like it in this city. There are, however, tons in Ontario. It was a job at a computer store and my city simply doesn't have enough variety in that field. But I'm still not going to move, I just understand it better.
  • I was talking to S, T, and J about books and TV. S and J said that when they watch TV they kind of put themselves in the show and try to anticipate decisions made by the characters or feel their pain in a horror. I absolutely do this with books, but not ever with TV and movies. For me my brain turns right off when I'm watching something. It's like I'm just watching humanity do what humanity does, I don't personalize any of it. In a book I can easily place myself in the character's shoes because it's written in a way that makes me create the world inside my head. Emotions and all. But TV is totally different for me - it's just entertaining to look at. Readers - do you feel what the characters feel in books and TV? Is it different depending on the medium?


Chantelle said...

I used to match up the "i want" ads with the "i need" ads :)

I like to visualize the places in books and think of the characters as people in my life, so I'm a bit closer to them. When watching tv or movies, I'm just watching people and I'm not part of the action. I don't feel as connected to the people or as interested in what's going on.

Love you,

manchester fat acceptance said...

i feel like the characters' experiences are personal to me in both books and t.v./movies. i feel like i am "in" the action.