21 June 2015

My Scented Life

I really thought everybody had a good sense of smell. I thought everyone could smell the different layers of sugar in a bakery, or the tomato stems at the grocery store from 8 feet away. Turns out I was wrong.

Right now the Russian Olive trees are in bloom in my city and oh my god do they smell delicious. So far every person I tell about the delicate scent floating to my nose from these trees asks me what I'm talking about. Now I tell them to get right up to the tree and stick their nose in the tiny yellow flower, that is the smell. Even still there are some people that say they still can't smell it.

Also, right this minute the air smells extra oxygenated and I've been having a difficult time locating it. I suspect it's from the Peking Cotoneaster hedges that are absolutely everywhere in my city. While I'm not completely sure, I strongly suspect it is the fresh bubble of air I've been encountering on my walks with S lately. 

The pine trees! Did you know the different varieties smell different? Neither did I, but they do, ever so slightly. And trees with sap that falls off the leaves, mmmmmm sappy trees.

I used to work in a bakery and I enjoyed the smell of the chocolates, sugars, flours, nuts, and fruit. Now I work in a home improvement store and I can smell the rolls of linoleum, astroturf, carpet, pine planks, cedar, paint, and oh lordy the garden center. All those flowers, shrubs, and herbs!

One day while sitting at my desk in the receiving area I could suddenly smell fresh air - glorious, clean air. I turned my head and saw that the bay door was open and a truck was backing up with its rear doors open...inside were racks and racks and racks of plants for the garden center. On Friday we received basil - a whole rack of basil that I could smell before I even set foot in the receiving area. Of course I wiggled my fingers in as many of the plants as I could to release more of the scent :)

This is my favourite time of year - the air isn't too hot and oppressive yet and it's rained just enough to get everything to bloom. Soft, delightful, scented air.


manchester fat acceptance said...

sounds nommy! recently i took a special trip to a tram stop that had some old creosote-soaked railways ties, just so i could smelllllll themmmmmmm. my sense of smell is better than average but not as good as it used to be, since i can no longer smell very well in my right nostril (if at all).


Chantelle said...

I don't know if my sense of smell is any good but I do love the scent of the trees. We have privets all over our neighbourhood, which smell sort of like lilacs but not quite. And I love the smell of all the flowers when I'm walking Gozer. Every time I see a flower I stick my nose in it and breathe deeply. Lately here it's smelled fresh and clean and spring-like rather than metallic and polluty.

I wish I could remember the scent of the olive trees because I think I'd like them.

Love you,