02 October 2015

New Job

I quit my job!! Finally.

I have been seriously looking for two months now and out of around fifty resumes sent out I have only had three companies call me back.

The first was for a bakery. It looked good - close to home, good hours, small company, decent pay. But the work would have been far too hard on my back. Constant bending and picking up several kilos of dough all day. I had to decline.

The second was for an electrical supply warehouse picking orders all the way out on the other end of the city. I went to the interview and got there five minutes early. 20 minutes after the interview was supposed to begin the man still had yet to come get me from reception. So I left. The receptionist asked if I wanted her to call him and see what the hold up was, I told her no, that being forced to wait twenty minutes was disrespectful of my time.

The third was for a production position for a fly fishing company. They dye feathers, threads, and pelts and then sell them in little packets to retail stores. The job was to work in the dye room for about $4.50/hr less than what I was making as the RTV clerk. I was interested anyway and hoped they'd call back. They did, but for a second interview for a different position. The company is expanding with the demand and they are in need of a Packaging Coordinator (...which I was mislabeling as 'production coordinator' to everyone I talked to...oops). This is a position where I would make sure everything is ready to go for the production team. All the supplies would have to be laid out and ready, manuals written for each position, watching to see where efficiency could be improved, everything except managing the people. This job was a perfect fit for me so when they gave me a formal offer (at still a dollar an hour less than the icky job I had) I jumped on it!

So I start in a little over a week - just after our Thanksgiving. Instead of working out my notice I took (what I think is) the coward's way out and emailed my resignation with no explanation as to why I'm leaving. And telling them I wasn't going to work out the remainder of my shifts. I did very nicely also include information on where to find the manual I'd written for the position, where the forklift key was, and what the combination to my assigned locker is (I had replaced their lock with one that would actually open). 

Some people have messaged me with surprise that I had quit...even though I was very vocal about wanting to be put on the lay off list. The company has to cut about six positions in order to stay afloat. They won't get rid of any of their 10 managers, but will get rid of some of the 110ish staff. Stupid. Like, customers already complain about having no one to help them out. But the shareholders still get big, fat cheques. 

This experience at the home and garden store has been one of the worst I've ever had. Every single day I had to fight to get someone to help me lift heavy stuff, move stuff, ship stuff, or just find stuff. The men I worked with only started to warm up to me about four months after I started. Before that they treated me like I was a huge inconvenience that they had to tolerate. It was how I imagined women must have felt entering the workforce in the 70s - men didn't want them there but the government said they had to be there.

When I tried to talk to anyone male about this they looked confused - maybe I was just imagining it, maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion, maybe they just didn't like me. This was a place where the male assistant manager would make fun of the women's voices and cadence when they heard something over the intercom. Never the men's voices, only the women's. Where male managers would interrupt females but never males. Where female managers were left to close the store with no help (even though five males managers would open the store), or female managers would not be included in basic communications.

I hated it there. I am really looking forward to working somewhere that better suits me.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

oh god, your experiences do sound a lot like mom's in the 1970s... pretty much obvious sexism at every turn. that sucks. i am glad you are out of there!