20 November 2015

Home Packaging

For almost my entire work life I have been looking for a job that I can do from home. The best I came up with was a dayhome but I've always wanted something else. And...my new workplace offers home packaging! You'd think I'd be thrilled but it actually sucks :(

The jobs pay $0.07 - $0.13 per item, ranging from 96-2000 items. Sound like a good deal? Nope. Wrapping strands of chenille onto cardboard spools is very labour intensive and if I went by an hourly wage it worked out to about $5/hr. I did one project that took three evenings to complete and only paid $34. 

Nevertheless, knowing that there is a possibility of earning extra money (my wage sucks) is very alluring. S has outright told me to stop bringing the stuff home because then it's like I never really left work. The best part is that I can bring stuff for J to do. This way he's earning money without leaving the house. If, that is, my trainer would actually assign him some. 

My trainer will give home packaging to every single other person several times over before I finally have to ask for some for J. And no matter how many times I ask her to assemble some for me, she simply won't. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter, that it's not worth it, to just let it go........but it's extra money dammit. I even mused aloud to my bosses that maybe I'll assemble some for me since my trainer won't do it. I was told that it is a conflict of interest to do that. Um. Then why can my trainer assemble stuff for her husband (knowing full well her husband won't do it, she does, but this way he gets a cheque with no taxes taken off because home packagers are independent contractors. Everyone at work does this)? And, she assigns the best paying, easiest work to her husband and her granddaughter..but it's a conflict for me?

I'm supposed to track all the home packaging as part of my job and make sure nobody is earning less than $50 per pay period. I am held responsible for this even though my trainer is the one that has been assembling it and assigning it. And any mistakes made (wrong labels, wrong inserts) are apparently my fault even though I had nothing to do with it. I have tried to be the one to assemble it (good learning experience) but my trainer has decided that it is her job, not mine. We got in a wee fight over it and went to the warehouse manager about it and we were told that I am the one responsible. But my trainer keeps doing it and if I raise a stink I'm told that she just likes to keep busy. So fine. Whatever. It's her job.

Actually, this is probably the most difficult thing I'm finding about my job. The idea that I am the Packaging Coordinator but am not being given the duties assigned to the role. They are specifically holding back things for me to do, saying it will be my job later. I suspect a good way to describe my job is "We hired you to do this job, but we don't want to give you the duties, we want your trainer to keep doing them as long as she wants to because we like her, so just do whatever she assigns to you, but you are responsible if anything is done wrong even if your trainer did it". Way too stressful.

I asked J how he felt about me quitting - because I will quit - and if he still wants home packaging. He said no, he'll get his own job. Thank goodness. He also sees the massive amount of work for so little pay. It'll make any other job he gets seem like a windfall :)

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manchester fat acceptance said...

wow, that sounds like a shitty work-from-home job. it's almost impossible to make money doing piecework. personally i think they should be forced to pay a living wage!!! remember mom slaving away making diapers and exercise wear? ugh