31 December 2015


For a long time I wondered about fate or luck. Do people create their own worlds, or are the worlds created for people?

I watched a movie called Frequencies a while ago and it demonstrated luck in a way I hadn't really considered. In the movie, people with high frequencies have generally good luck: finding cash, never having to run for a train, good grades. People with low frequencies have generally bad luck: wrong place/wrong time, poor grades, not many friends. This was visually determined by HF people having dull, colourless worlds with flatline emotion and LF people have rich and colourful worlds with depth in emotion. (There is a lot more to the movie, but I don't want to spoil it for people who would like to see it).

If this is true, if people have frequencies, this would explain a lot to me. I would never say I have super bad luck, but at the same time I look at my son J and wonder...

J needs to go to the doctor every three months for prescription refills for his anxiety. When the time is getting close I would take him to the doctor' office every day (it's a drop-in kind of thing) and check the waiting room. If it's too full we leave and try again the next day. One day he said out loud, "I wish the waiting room would be empty, it would be easier." Within a day, the waiting room was empty. Seriously. This has happened twice in the last year.

J and I are driving around doing errands and he is hungry. He reminded me about how one mall had a food court that sold really good pizza by the slice. The mall has since renovated dramatically and has become more of a big box store collection. The part of the mall with the food court is gone. "I wish you could still buy pizza by the slice," he said. I agreed. On a whim I pulled my car into 7-11 (which I very rarely ever go to) to buy a lotto ticket. J notices a sign outside the store that advertises a $1 menu...including pizza by the slice.

I know it's perception or coincidence. Really. But a part of me wonders where does this luck come from?

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